News Release – SESAR JU ELSA Report

News Release- SESAR JU ELSA Report

REDMOND, WASHINGTON, August 8, 2016 – Spectralux Avionics announced that Dlink+ with Mod 4 Software meets recommended requirements described in the results of the Single European Skies ATM Research Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) Enhanced Large Scale ATN (ELSA) Report, released 3 August 2016. The report validated the viability of ATN CPDLC and made recommendations for changes to existing avionics and ground systems offered by ELSA Consortium members to ensure operation during periods of high traffic.

Spectralux understood the challenges facing its customers who operate in high ATN traffic areas, and began working ahead of the report to ensure availability of a software upgrade that would allow the Dlink+ to meet anticipated requirements.  That software upgrade is now available today through the Spectralux Mod 4 Software Upgrade Program.

At a recent company meeting, Scott McCammant, President of Spectralux Avionics stated, “Our customers have been looking forward to the release of this report, it is an important step that should allow aircraft owners and operators the opportunity to proceed with equipage at a pace that will permit them to capture the value of ATN CPDLC with optimal altitudes and routing.”  He added, “EASA may still formally comment on the report. Spectralux and our industry partners are close to developments and we continue to believe that the February 2020 mandate requiring ATN CPDLC capability for access to FLT Level 285 and above will hold. That’s why Spectralux is offering its Dlink+ customers the opportunity to add to their inventories through a recently announced Customer Loyalty Program.”

Now that the SESAR JU Report is out, Spectralux is encouraging aircraft owners and operators to take advantage of the Customer Loyalty Program and the Mod 4 Software Upgrade Program.  Details of these programs can be found by calling the Spectralux HOTLINE at 425-285-3011 or by sending an email to


Spectralux Avionics

Spectralux Avionics is a leading aerospace electronics company that develops and manufactures high reliability data link communication equipment that provides FANS 1/A, ATN CPDLC, AOC ACARS, and Condition-based Global Flight Tracking. Additionally, Spectralux Avionics provides human machine interface products that span the gamut of aviation requirements for critical aircraft systems that impact crew efficiency, performance and control, annunciation and lighting. Spectralux Avionics has a proven record providing data link communication products as well as lighted panels, keyboards, complex electronic assemblies and controls to regional and commercial air transport, business aviation, military programs, and now space with control panel assemblies for the Orion Spacecraft.

Spectralux Avionics also maintains an FAA and EASA approved Part-145 repair center covering class 2 and 3 accessories (#VLXR781L).

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