Our Leadership Team

Spectralux’s trained and experienced team is dedicated to meeting the expectations of our customers, our shareholders, and our community with the highest professional standards. Spectralux is directed by a diverse group of aviation business leaders. Each of them brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our products, our services, and our relationships.

Executive Team

  • Scott McCammant

    Scott McCammant

  • Brian Brooks

    Brian Brooks

    Director of Operations
  • Frank Hummel

    Frank Hummel

    Director of Engineering
  • Tom Henderson

    Tom Henderson

    Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Fred Anderson

    Fred Anderson

    Chief Financial Officer

Management Team

  • John Bustad

    John Bustad

    Operations Manager
  • Kim Collins

    Kim Collins

    Materials Manager
  • Dave Hiney

    Dave Hiney

    Flight Deck Engineering Manager
  • Scott Hudson

    Scott Hudson

    Human Resources Manager
  • Jim Reynolds

    Jim Reynolds

    Manager of Avionics Engineering
  • Kelly Storey

    Kelly Storey

    Quality Manager
  • Pamela Vincent

    Pamela Vincent

    Repair Station Manager